Use of Copyrighted Materials Policy


Approved by: Northeastern State University Executive Cabinet
Responsible Official: Student Affairs
(918) 444-2120
History: Adopted June 12, 2014
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It is the policy of Northeastern State University to fully respect all rights that exist in any material protected by the copyright laws of the United States while also encouraging usage of the material that furthers the educational mission of NSU. To accomplish this, NSU intends that its faculty, staff and students take full advantage of all relevant licenses, exemptions and exclusions, such as the Fair Use exception, that are provided for under the copyright laws. If there is no applicable license, exemption or exclusion to permit use of the material, faculty, staff and students must obtain permission for the anticipated use from the copyright holder.


Suspected use of protected material without permission of the copyright holder should be reported to university officials as indicated in Item #3 below. If there is evidence of misuse of copyrighted materials, university officials have an obligation to pursue any or all of the following steps to protect the community:

  1. Investigate the report through the instructor, department or division chair, or unit supervisor.
  2. Inspect the copyrighted material in question and review its use to determine if Fair Use exclusions apply.
  3. Refer the matter for possible disciplinary action to the appropriate University department, i.e., the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs for student organizations, the unit administrator for staff, and the Dean of the college for faculty and student academic issues.

If a person is found responsible for copyright infringement, the nature of the circumstances will govern the sanctions. These may include academic actions for course-based violations, student disciplinary action, employee disciplinary actions including termination of employment, suspension of university privileges including email, photocopying, or network privileges, and/or criminal prosecution.


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