On-Campus Advertising


On-Campus Advertising

Approved by: Northeastern State University Executive Cabinet

Responsible Official:

Department of Student Engagement

(918) 444-2526


History: Adopted - November 17, 2017

Revised September 11, 2018

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All printed posters, including signs, flyers, handouts, etc., must have prior approval from the Division of Student Affairs before they are posted on the Tahlequah campus of Northeastern State University. Entities wishing to advertise must gain approval in the Department of Student Engagement or in the Auxiliary Services Administration Office. Branch campus deans are responsible for approval on their campuses.

Poster approvals will be valid until the date of the advertised engagement or until the deadline established by the approving office.


The following regulations are intended for all advertising/posting on NSU campuses:

a) Posters or other promotional materials must have the name and phone number or email address of the contact person clearly printed on the poster, in English. Any other writing on the poster that is not in English must be translated into English on the front of the poster.

b) Advertising for commercial purposes by businesses, organizations, entities or individuals not associated with the University and for a University purpose is prohibited.

c) Posters which advertise alcohol, firearms, tobacco or other controlled substances will not be approved for display on the campus.

d) Advertisements that promote discriminatory, subversive or unlawful behavior will not be approved for display.

e) The maximum size of any poster may not exceed 18 X 24 , unless prior approval is received.

f) Only masking tape or painter's tape may be used to secure flyers, posters and other print media to painted walls.

g) No more than 5 posters may be hung in the University Center for a single event or promotion without permission.

h) Posters are not permitted to be attached to the outside of any buildings or displayed in any windows on the NSU campus.

i) Posters are not permitted to be attached to trees, lamp posts, trash containers, sidewalks, the Gazebo or benches.

j) Marking on roadway and other permanent structures (walls, poles, etc.) on campus with chalk, paint or any other material is prohibited. Chalk advertising on University sidewalks is allowed but must be of 20 feet away from every building entrance.

k) Posters or other promotional materials are not permitted to be inserted under windshield wipers, door handles, etc. of any automobile parked on university property.

l) No advertising may be distributed from either moving or parked vehicles.

m) All posters must be removed by the posting organization after the event date or end of approval period.

n) Advertising material that does not comply with any section of the advertising policy will be removed and destroyed.


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