Major Declaration Policy


Approved by: Northeastern State University Executive Cabinet
Responsible Official: University Advising Center
History: Revised September 17, 2013
Related Policies: Advising Check Point Holds
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Major declaration should be a simple and student friendly change that will allow more students to make an earlier connection to their academic unit and therefore enhance retention.


All students receive academic advisement upon admission to Northeastern State University. During an enrollment appointment, new students will meet with University Advisors to learn about university and departmental requirements, discuss their educational plans, and select courses.

Students who are undeclared, have no preference or are ineligible to declare their major are advised by University Advisors in the University Advising Center. Students interested in pursuing careers in pre-professional health, computer science, engineering or music should declare their intent as soon as possible to ensure proper advisement. Students with declared majors are advised in one of the four college advisement centers by Academic Advisors and within their academic departments by Faculty Advisors. All Broken Arrow campus students declare their major upon intake with a University Advisor in the Enrollment Management Center.

Because regular consultation with an advisor is critical to student success, NSU will place periodic enrollment holds on all students at key checkpoints to ensure progress toward graduation.

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