Tuition Waiver - Dependent/Spouse Policy

Approved by: Northeastern State University Executive Cabinet
Responsible Official: Scholarships (918) 444-3472
History: Revised September 19, 2017
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Full-time, regular employees may audit or enroll in classes, provided it can be done without interfering with their work assignments. By policy of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, regular staff members at constituent institutions in the Oklahoma System of Higher Education may enroll in courses at the institution where employed and be charged tuition at the rate of one-half (50%) of the general enrollment amount charged regular students. The value of the reduced tuition may be taxable as income. This does not apply to class or non-tuition fees. Validation by the appropriate supervisor regarding the relevance/benefit of the course work will be required to authorize reduced tuition.

Employees may enroll in a maximum of six hours (during regular working hours) during the fall and spring terms and three hours during the summer term. The reduced tuition will apply on a maximum of six hours per term. All working hours missed must be made up by the employee and shown on the timesheet (non-exempt employees). Prior to enrollment, the employee's supervisor must present a completed enrollment schedule, and a request for the appropriate tuition reduction, to the appropriate Vice President for approval. If by agreement between the Vice President and the supervisor, the employee is allowed to enroll in any class(es) in excess of those outlined above, all such hours missed will result in an appropriate payroll deduction and cannot be made up.


Northeastern has an undergraduate tuition waiver program for qualified residents of Oklahoma who are dependent children (24 years of age or younger) or spouses of full-time University employees. The waiver is for general enrollment tuition during the fall, spring and summer semesters and does not include any fees. The maximum award will be $600 for summer and $1200 per semester for fall and spring terms. The award for summer is based on $100 per hour enrolled up to $600. The total amount of all combined tuition waivers cannot exceed the student's total tuition costs. Other criteria to be eligible for the waiver are available from the Scholarship Office. The application is updated yearly and sent via email to all faculty and staff.

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