Inclement Weather Conditions Policy

Approved by: Northeastern State University Executive Cabinet
Responsible Official: Human Resources
(918) 444-2230
History: Adopted
Revised January 2010
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The Public Information Office will be responsible for contracting the news media if the President makes the decision to close any part of the University due to inclement weather conditions. The local radio stations will specify whether the administrative offices and/or classes will be closed. Unless the administrative offices are specifically mentioned as being closed, always assume the University is open. Employees are expected to make every effort to listen to the radio rather than calling in, but if the announcement is missed, the employee may call the campus switchboard or refer to the NSU website for recorded information.

If classes are not held but administrative offices are open, employees who are unable to come to work have the option to charge the time missed to either Personal Leave or vacation. If administrative offices are closed, that day's absence would be entered on time sheet as Weather Leave. By doing so, an employee would be paid for the day and the time would not be deducted from any accumulated vacation or Personal Leave.

When administrative offices are closed due to inclement weather conditions by the appropriate authority, there are still a few employees who are required to be on the job due to the nature of their work assignment. When this situation exist, these employees will be credited with the appropriate amount of administrative time.

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