Extended Medical Leave Policy


Approved by: Northeastern State University Executive Cabinet

Responsible Official: Human Resources
(918) 444-2230
601 North Grand Avenue, Admin 118
Tahlequah, OK 74464

History: Adopted November 29, 2016

Related Policies: HR 5.3.8 Compensation and Benefits While on FMLA Leave
HR 5.4 Leave Sharing Program
HR 5.11 Leave of Absence Without Pay

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Forms: Medical Leave Notification Form




An employee who has been employed for one year or longer and who must be absent from the job for more than three consecutive days due to a medical situation may be placed on Extended Medical Leave, depending on the circumstances of the illness or injury. Extended Medical Leave is approved leave for any serious medical condition, defined as: any condition requiring care or continuing treatment by a health care provider which incapacitates an employee and/or prevents him/her from performing assigned duties, or the existence of a contagious disease/illness which, in the judgment of the institution, would jeopardize the health of fellow employees. For eligible employees, the first twelve weeks of extended leave is classified as FMLA. Medical verification of the necessity for extended medical leave is required and regular physician statements indicating the continued need for leave may be required.

Upon notification from an employee, a supervisor will review the circumstances with the assistance of the Office of Human Resources. If it is determined that a formal Medical Leave is required, the supervisor will submit a completed Medical Leave Notification Form, signed by the account sponsor, to the Office of Human Resources.

The employee who has been on medical leave must provide a physician's release to the University before he/she may return to work. Payment for time away from work is contingent on documentation provided by the treating physician. Leave will be paid in accordance with the employee's combined accumulated Personal Leave and Vacation (unused and prorated), and any earned comp time. When the accumulated leave has been exhausted, the employee will be placed on leave without pay unless the absence qualifies for and assistance is granted under the NSU Shared Leave Program. (See Shared Leave procedure) An employee who becomes ill or suffers a disabling injury while on annual leave may opt to charge the relevant time to medical leave, rather than vacation, provided that such illness or disabling injury is verified by certification from a licensed medical practitioner.

A full time employee's job is protected by the University for up to three months when he/she is on an approved extended medical leave. Failure to return to work on the next scheduled work day following the end of the period (or earlier, if released by a physician) may result in the employee's termination from University employment unless medical leave is extended by the appropriate Vice President.

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