Employee Making Place Matter Volunteer Policy


Approved by: Northeastern State University Executive Cabinet

Responsible Official: Human Resources

History: Adopted December 7, 2010

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Northeastern State University recognizes its responsibility to engage in and to help strengthen the communities in our region. Consequently, we encourage our employees to become involved in making place matter, lending their voluntary support to programs that enrich the quality of life for all citizens.

This policy is designed to support the objectives of making place matter through voluntary community service as an integral part of our regional outreach. The following guidelines are for Northeastern State University employees who serve as volunteers in community programs that are either of personal interest (those programs whose goals are relevant to the mission of the university but may not receive university assistance) or are university-sponsored (programs whose goals are considered of strategic importance to the university and receive university assistance). The purpose of the Northeastern State University Making Place Matter Volunteer Policy is to encourage university employees to participate in university-approved community service-related activities that occur during regularly scheduled work hours.


At NSU, we believe service to local and professional communities is a foundational component of social responsibility and good citizenship. We also believe that by providing volunteer outreach, our presence and impact on NSU and the communities it serves will be strengthened, and our faculty and staff will impact the university's goal to develop socially responsible global citizens.


Participation in the NSU Making Place Matter Volunteer Program consists of two options. Employees may volunteer independently or as a division/team. Participation is open to all employees per the following guidelines:

1) Independent Participation:

This option provides a venue for those individuals interested in volunteering for organization(s) that support the university's commitment to its mission, vision, and values.

An employee should advise his/her supervisor of the planned participation when requesting time off, submit a brief description of the volunteer activity in writing, and submit that description along with a request for leave to his/her supervisor for approval. Participation will be documented and included in reports concerning volunteer contributions made by all NSU employees.
2) Division/Team Participation

Divisions/Teams will determine a cause or issue they feel they can serve in a manner that promotes the spirit of NSU volunteerism. The particular cause must meet the criteria of the university's mission, vision, and values and requires approval by authorized employee's division/department before formal volunteer activity commences. Once formalized, objectives for successful participation in the community service activity may be included in individual performance plans of affected employees.


To participate in the volunteer program, an employee must be in good standing, regularly fulfilling the requirements of his/her job without the necessity of continuous correction or disciplinary action, and must perform, at the minimum, at the expected performance level. Probationary employees are not eligible for this benefit.


On an annual basis, employees electing individual participation are allowed to use up to 20 hours of available personal leave to participate in their specific volunteer program (during their appointed work schedule). Part-time employees working a schedule of 30 hours per week or more will be given leave on a pro-rated basis in accordance with the employee's part-time status. Employees must receive approval from their supervisors prior to scheduling community service leave. Supervisors may validate employee participation. Where possible, volunteer time should be regular and on a set schedule to help with the coordination of other work-related responsibilities. Service scheduled or performed after work hours is not an adequate substitution for regular attendance during normal work hours and is not considered as approved community service leave.

Supervisors should attempt to approve leave at the time requested by the employees, but have the discretion to disapprove leave if it will significantly impact University operations. In addition, the University may determine that it is not possible to release certain employees under this policy. When adequate and capable back-up staff is available or scheduling adjustments are feasible, an employee's request should be considered. If supervisors are unable to grant community service leave requests, the employees should be informed as soon as possible.

Divisional volunteerism criteria/participation information will be formally outlined and determined at the division level with appropriate vice president level approval.

Community service leave that is not used in a fiscal year will not be carried forward to the next fiscal year.



For the Company

For the Employees

For the Community/NGO

Increases and enhances public image and reputation Contributes to employees' personal and career growth through developing and enhancing their skills and broadening their experience Enhances quality of life in the community by helping to identify and support solutions to social problems
Improves employee teamwork, morale, productivity, commitment, retention, performance and loyalty Increases interaction between employees in various departments and levels of the company Increases talent and energy in the community by increasing the number of volunteers and the pool of available skills/services
Enhances corporate competitiveness and provides a recruiting edge over other companies Improves employee initiative, teamwork, confidence, social and interpersonal skills Facilitates the transfer of skills & knowledge from the private to the public sector










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