Academic Placement Retesting Policy

Approved by: Northeastern State University Executive Cabinet
Responsible Official: Academic Affairs
(918) 444-2062

History: Revised December 19, 2018
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This policy impacts students entering the institution who need to test / re-test for placement into academic courses.


OSRHE policy 3.9 Institutional Admission and Retention addresses entry-level assessment and course placement and section 3.20.4 Entry level Assessment addresses skills deficiencies revealed by assessment results below college-level expectations. NSU's catalog describes the current retesting policy.


Entry-level students whose ACT scores are below the cut score for college-level placement have the opportunity to test for placement using the Computerized Placement Test (CPT) produced by Accuplacer. Students retest with mixed results. Because the 30-day window is quite long, students may be discouraged from attending NSU, even if they just barely missed the cut score. The current policy does not account for students having a poor test day.

NSU's first test is free. Students currently do not pay to retest. Other institutions charge to retest as this increases the incentive for students to take the test seriously.


Students are encouraged to take the placement tests well before classes begin so they can study and retest, if necessary, to avoid taking developmental classes. Students must wait a minimum of one week after taking placement tests before they are eligible to retest. Students will be allowed to retest twice. Students will be charged for second and third attempts. Once classes begin, only exceptional circumstances will warrant retesting, and the student must seek approval from the instructor teaching the class to be retested in that subject area.


NSU S current retesting policy is more restrictive than our sister institutions who allow students to retest more frequently and do not place a restriction on required score before retesting. The Developmental Education Committee believes that students would be better served if we expanded our policy to allow shorter times between testing and expanded the opportunities for students whose scores may be lower than 10 points below the cut score.

NSU's first test would be free. However, by charging students a minimal cost for retesting, NSU encourages students to be more serious and deliberative in retesting. NSU is considering $10 per retest which is below other RUSO institutions. (UCO charges $30 per retest.)

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