Contracts Administration Policy and Procedure

Approved by: Northeastern State University Executive Cabinet 

Responsible Official: Business Affairs 

History: Adopted – August 2013
Revised - April 29, 2014 

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Standard Terms and Conditions
Contract Routing Form


Through faculty and staff, Northeastern State University enters into contractual agreements with third parties that involve a wide array of purchasing or other activities, including services, consulting, supplies, facilities use, construction, research, and publications, among others. 

The purpose of this policy is to establish signature authority, delegation of contracting authority for defined types of contracts from the President to specific administrators, and a review and record keeping process.  This policy will provide for the efficient operation of the University while maintaining fiscal and policy integrity through the careful delegation of authority as stated by RUSO, OSRHE and the State of Oklahoma.

This policy is intended to formalize roles and responsibilities related to approval of contracts and commitment of the University to the terms of same.  The policy applies to all NSU employees who enter into any type agreement that obligates NSU to provide payment, services, goods, or use of University property, facilities or other resources to a third party.  As pertains to delegation of authority, it is recognized that there are specific types of contracts that are best approved by specific administrators within operational departments.


RUSO policy 2.3.1 gives contracting authority to the President, as chief executive officer of the University.  The President may delegate this authority and responsibility.  Without specific written consent of the President, no other officer, employee, or student of the University may sign contractual obligations of the University.  Delegation of signatory authority is an individual decision of the President. As such, all contracting delegation reverts back to the incoming President in the case of a change in that position.

The President reserves to him or herself the authority to enter into all contracts.  Should the President choose to delegate that authority for specific contracts, this delegation will be in writing from the University President, made to specific position titles, and will indicate the scope of the delegation, whether further delegation is permitted, and the time frame in which the delegation is applicable.  Revocation of delegations will also be made in writing.

Additional Procedural Policies

  1. All contracts with third parties must be in writing, regardless of prior practice or prior business relationship with the person or entity.
  2. All contracts should be reviewed and approved in advance by other departments that will need to provide technical support, facilities, and/or personnel to carry out the contract.
  3. Format and wording of all contracts must be reviewed and approved by General Counsel prior to signature. 
  4. Routing of the contract for review by General Counsel and other relevant departments will be via the Contract Routing form, which provides for review, added comments, and approval.
  5. When reviewing, approving, or submitting contracts for approval, all University personnel with signatory authority are required to abide by University Purchasing policies and procedures.  A copy of the University Purchasing Standard Terms and Conditions will be made available to all contracting vendors.  The University Purchasing Standard Terms and Conditions may be found at
  6. The person approving any contract is responsible for ensuring that there is adequate budget or other funding to support the agreement.
  7. All grants, contracts, cooperative agreements and sub-contracts related to sponsored projects must follow the grant routing policies and procedures to be reviewed by the office of Grants and Contracts prior to authorization.
  8. A fully signed copy of all contracts must be provided to the Purchasing Office which will maintain a monitoring system related to key dates and provisions within those contracts, and to the office of the Vice President for Operations which will maintain a paper file, and scan and file a copy within the University imaging system. 

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