Request for Enrollment Correction


Request for Enrollment Correction


Approved by: Northeastern State University Executive Cabinet

Responsible Official: Registrar's Office

(918) 444-2208

History: Adopted- August 29, 2018

Related Policies: Withdrawal Policy

Medical Withdrawal Policy

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Forms: Request for Enrollment Correction




The Request for Enrollment Correction policy articulates the process through which students may request enrollment corrections when they encounter situations where emergency hardships, medical crises, (see Medical Withdrawal Policy) or other extraordinary circumstances impact their ability to complete courses in which they are enrolled. An enrollment correction can mitigate negative impacts on a student's academic record in situations beyond the student's control.


In addition to modifying a student's academic record, enrollment corrections can also impact financial aid and veteran's benefits. The Enrollment Correction committee includes members from the Registrar's Office, Student Financial Services, Bursar's Office, Student Affairs, advisors, faculty representatives, and student representatives. Because of the sensitive nature of the information sometimes disclosed in documentation, those seeking corrections may request that student members not review the materials.


Through discussions with the Registrar's Office or Student Affairs in the case of medical emergencies, students may complete a request for enrollment correction at any time during the year, within the guidelines provided in the instructions and form. The committee convenes monthly to consider requests and the Registrar's Office notifies students of the decisions. The committee chair conveys decisions impacting financial aid, veteran's benefits, and the student's bill to the appropriate office. Students will be notified by written correspondence within 10 working days following the decision of the committee.


The following criteria are required for consideration of a correction. Students must:

  1. Submit request within three (3) years of the last day of the semester for which the correction is requested.
  2. Document hardship or extraordinary circumstance that prevented the student from dropping/ withdrawing by the appropriate deadline(s). Documentation must be included with the request.
  3. Provide additional information or documentation if requested by the Enrollment Correction Committee.

The following ARE NOT considered hardships nor extraordinary circumstances. Requests citing these reasons will result in automatic denial:

  • Lack of knowledge or misunderstanding of the Withdrawal Policy
  • Denial of financial aid
  • Non-attendance or poor progress in class(es)
  • Forgetting to drop or withdraw from classes
  • Forgetting that one enrolled in classes
  • As a result of a student conduct outcome

Students receiving federal, state, or institutional financial aid, including loans or other scholarships, should contact the Office of Student Financial Services (918.444.3456, before submitting a request to find out how a refund of tuition and fees may affect their total financial aid. Students receiving educational benefits from the Veteran's Administration should contact the Veterans Services office (918.444.2204, A refund of tuition and fees may result in partial or full revocation of any financial assistance received and may leave a student's account in repayment status.

The decision of the committee is final. Requests may be

  • Approved with grade(s) changed to a W
  • Approved with class(es) removed from the transcript and a refund of tuition and fees for the class(es)
  • Denied

Students should complete the Request for Enrollment Correction form and include relevant dates, persons, or offices with whom they communicated, and the desired resolution. Attach all appropriate supporting documentation to the form.

Submit this form and supporting material:

  • In person - Office of the Registrar, CASE Building, Tahlequah
  • Via US mail to Office of the Registrar, 701 N Grand Ave, Tahlequah, OK 74464
  • Via fax to 918.458.9638
  • Via email attachment to

The attached document and form outline this same information for students.

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