Administrative Withdrawal Policy

Approved by: Academic Council
Responsible Official: Registrar
(918) 444-2208 (P)
(918) 444-9638 (F)
History: Revised September 1, 2017
Related Policies:
Additional References: Early Alert System
Forms:Administrative Withdrawal, Administrative Withdrawal: Weekend Courses





Administrative Withdrawal requests must be submitted electronically using the appropriate form:

Paper forms or email attachments will not be accepted.

Administrative Withdrawal

The Administrative Withdrawal policy exists to allow faculty to request a withdrawal for students who have never attended the course, stopped attending the course and/or have stopped completing homework, assignments, and tests in the course. The purpose of the policy is to withdraw students who are not performing well and not making an attempt to be successful in the course. It also serves as an additional early alert tool to assist in academic interventions with at-risk students. If approved, this will appear on the student's transcript as AW and is GPA neutral.

Before a faculty member requests an administrative withdrawal, an attempt by the faculty member (or designee) should be made to contact the student and inform them that they are at-risk for being administratively withdrawn.

Faculty must submit a referral through the Academic Early Alert System prior to submitting an AW request. Through the early alert system, staff will attempt to make contact with the student to help them improve in the course or withdraw. Additional information about the Early Alert System can be found at

Deadlines for Administrative Withdrawal

Start and Stop dates are posted on the online form. The administrative withdrawal AW can be processed beginning the day after census for the term and, for sixteen week courses, extends through week twelve. AW deadlines for courses delivered using other schedule formats (eight week, four week, etc.) will be based on the same percentages of completion.

Weekend Courses

  • Weekend courses will not be reported through the early alert system since there isn't time for intervention.
  • The instructor may submit a request for administrative withdrawal for a student who did not attend any portion of a weekend class.
  • IMPORTANT: The form must be submitted NO LATER than the Tuesday following the Friday/Saturday class.
  • Grading for a weekend class opens on Monday if you are going to submit an AW form for a student in the weekend class, do not enter a grade for that student; leave the final grade blank. After the AW is processed, the grade will be automatically entered.

Weekend Courses meeting 3 weekends or more: A faculty member can request an administrative withdrawal after the first weekend.


  • Faculty MUST go through the Early Alert system prior to requesting an Administrative Withdrawal.
  • Student Success Coordinator (SSC) will verify that an alert has been submitted and will attempt to contact the student.
  • The new process will be done using the Administrative Withdrawal google form located on the Faculty and Advisors tab in goNSU - faculty signs in with NSU ID.
  • Faculty must verify that they have reached out through the early alert system (link is included on the google form).
  • SSC responses
  • No response from student.
  • Student wants to remain in the class.
  • Student has withdrawn from the class.
  • Request will be approved/denied through the Provost's office
  • If approved, the Registrar's office will administratively withdraw the student from the course and email both the student and instructor.
  • If denied, the Registrar's office will email the instructor to let them know the request was denied.

Weekend courses will not be reported through the early alert system since there isn't time for intervention.

To make the process more objective, the following information is requested:

  • Last date of attendance
  • Number of class meetings to date
  • Number of absences
  • Number of assignments due to date
  • Number of missing or incomplete assignments

Graduate Students: Faculty requesting administrative withdrawal of a graduate student must make the request through the Graduate Dean.

Note: Effective with the Fall 2016 semester, we no longer use the separate NA code for an administrative withdrawal due to non-attendance. The class attendance reporting process through Argos is our current method for meeting the initial proof of attendance requirement under federal financial aid regulations.